Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bible Journaling Tips - Part 2!

The other day was a very hard day for birds at the Hotchkiss farm.  Yep, difficult for birds and people.  We woke up to our cat and dog staring at the wood-stove chimney pipe.  My husband heard fluttering.  A bird somehow got down the chimney.  To make a long story short - pipe was removed, the bird flew out - not out the door but deeper into the house - repeated hitting hard into the ceiling.  Flew upstairs, bashing into the ceiling the whole way - soot smudges all over my white ceiling.  Then blood from the ceiling smashing.  All through my house.  Finally got the bird out a window and clean up time - bleach to remove the bird blood stains.

Next, Ginger the cat who has no claws, went hunting.  And she was successful.  She brought her little bird prize into the house and hid under a space in the floor where we couldn't get it.  My husband had to dismantle more things that morning to get the bird out.

I live next to my in-laws on the farm.  They has a little garden spot covered with plastic for weed control.  A bird got under the plastic and wasn't able to get back out and was going to quickly die.  The plastic was frosted white so we couldn't see the bird.  Finally we were successful and set it free, without pulling up or cutting into the plastic.  

All this before noon.  Not the way to start the day.  Poor little birds.  I am sorry to the one my cat ate. I have talked to her but she just looks at me with her pretty cat eyes and lets me know I can't change her hunter instinct, and neither can she.  


I have a new video editing program that I have just started to learn and so far, so good!   Not too complex but not so simple that I can't do much with it.  

Here is the second part of the Bible Journaling Tips video.  It's longer but has a lot of little tidbits of info here and there between the bigger tips.

I have a painting to do for an upcoming wedding and then I hope to get back to more bible journaling art.  I miss it!

Oh..by the way...my BIRTHDAY is in exactly ONE WEEK!  I was born on the best date ever.  7/7.  Yep, I'm a lucky seven girl  :)  I am thinking of GIVING AWAY a birthday present!!  Yay!

God bless you all!

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  1. May I ask what video editing program or software you use? Sounds like a wildlife day at your house!