Monday, June 8, 2015

New Video Tutorial! PEN STROKES! Part Four of "How to Draw Stylized Flowers"

Hi everyone!!

Spring is turning into summer here in Alaska.  We are in full 24 hour daylight mode, which means I don't sleep like I do in the winter.  Who can sleep when the sun is shining all night long??  Sleep can wait until winter. :)

We have been having a LOT of windy weather.  I sure would like it to just be a gentle breeze to just stop.  I live between two glaciers and we are surrounded by mountains and those winds are COLD.  Plus, they stir up glacier dust, which is super fine dust made by glaciers grinding rocks to dust as the ice flows and recedes.  It coats everything and isn't good for the lungs.

My super husband is sick today, a very unusual event.  He has spent the day on the couch, poor guy. I am praying and am sure he will be fine soon.

Now, on to the video!  I have made a short video that shows the different pen strokes that I use in many of my pen and ink drawings.  I really encourage you to get to know your supplies and learn everything they can do.  I have personalized this one a bit.  You will soon see that I am a pen nerd..and maybe a little dorky..or a lot dorky...and I'm OK with that.

Many people are afraid of pens because they aren't erasable and if a mistake is made, everything is ruined, right?


Once you learn different techniques for using pens, you can start off light and increase the darks as needed.  Starting off light gives lots of chances to camouflage or incorporate mistakes so they don't show and may even turn into "happy mistakes" as  the late oil paint artist Bob Ross used to say.

I have scanned off this pen stroke reference and hope you find it helpful.  Click on the photo to enlarge it.

I will be making more videos saved on the Psalm illustration, which I continue to add on to.  I will be showing how to do flowering vines and ribbons.  I have been asked to show how to draw the squirrel but that is a bit advanced so these current videos are good practice to lead up to the squirrel or maybe a bunny.

I am continuing to learn how to make better videos and am looking forward to getting a solid set up soon.

I pray blessings on you all!