Friday, November 27, 2015

Addition to My Prayer Journal: Communion

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! 

My husband and I had a quite Thanksgiving day because I had a medical procedure the day before which left me wrung out and rather than going to my daughter's home almost an hour away and feeling less than spunky, a day of rest was needed.  

A nice surprise was an unexpected turkey dinner delivered by my son and his girlfriend, from the dinner at my daughter's.  That was really nice.  I love my family!  

Anyway, I haven't done much art due to my health and prayers for healing are very appreciated.  

Now on to my prayer journal.  It is a work in progress and the great thing about a rind binder (mine is a half-size binder) is the ability to add or subtract to it.  I find that I have removed some redundancy and added new things.  

I have added a printable on Communion  from Kenneth Copeland Ministries and my husband and I take it together and even my mom and I do over the phone occasionally.  Communion is so much more  than just the forgiveness of our sins, it is also partaking in the healing of our bodies which Christ suffered for in the cross.  To find out more or to print out the Comminion guide from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, follow the link here. It's free and no need to give email address or anything to get it. Simply print it out.*7i-LUhW2d/HowtoReceiveCommunion.pdf

I pray that God blesses you and your family as we move into the Christmas season!