Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bible Art and Pen and ink ready for Paint!

Just a short post today.

I have been playing in Periscope lately and did this bible set live.  It was fun but took longer because is was doing a few different things all at once.  

Isaiah 58:8 is an amazing verse!

I finally finished drawing my sunflower and now it's ready for paint!  Keep watching for the finished piece, which will be for sale.  

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Enchanted Forest Adult Coloring Book

I recently bought the Enchanted Forest coloring book by Johanna Basford and after my surgery last month I wanted something already drawn that I could enjoy just coloring while I recovered. 

I started coloring the first page (below) the day of my surgery while I was still under the crazy-making effects of the anesthesia and pain meds. I would color on and off over the next few days, still feeling cross eyed and fuzzy headed from the pain med but a little clearer thinking.  I was able to better evaluate my coloring skills and choices and wow, all I can say is this:

Don't color while under the influence of narcotic pain meds. I made some weird choices that I had to try and fix when I was more clear headed, lol.  Fortunately, I didn't need those meds too long and was able to switch to Advil.

The second page I did is much better.  I did a few Periscope broadcasts as I colored it. It was fun having live feedback 
and chatting.  

Now I'm starting on a new page and will be doing occasional Periscope Color and Chats.  You can join in by downloading the Periscope app and following me.  Just search for @MHotchkissArt or Michelle Hotchkiss Art and you should be able to find me.  

I am using Faber Castell Polychromos colored pencils.  I can honestly say these hare the best colored pencils ever.  The best!  I don't use anything to blend them.  They blend easily on their own and since they are oil based, they don't have a wax build up that waxed based pencils like Prismacolors have and they are much better made. No issues with broken leads, split casings or sharpening problems like Prismacolors.  Polychromos feel a little harder then Prismacolors but they also last longer and hold a point much better.  They are not scratchy, they just feel different than Prismacolors that takes a little getting used to.  I love them so much I saved up and bought almost every color Polychromos come in.  

Do you also enjoy adult coring books?  Loads of fun!  

I pray for God's blessings on you!  

Tuesday, October 13, 2015



I decided to make a shorter video of my prayer journal/binder/notebook since even I was having a hard time watching the full 40 minutes of the first video.  :)  This video thing has a learning curve and takes some practice!  CLICK ON THE VIDEO HERE!

Anyway, I have also made up two prayer journal inserts that some people may find helpful.  I have made these available on Dropbox as Word documents and as PDF's.  Just click on the links below.

They are in letter size for those who use a full size binder and can be printed out on both sides of your paper as long as you know how to do that with your printer.   They can also be printed out as half size paper (5.5 x 8.5), which fit perfectly into the half planner size that I use, or other planner sizes.

The PDF is great for being able to resize to you whatever your needs are.  The printing outcome, such as double sided pages, etc, is totally based on how YOU print these out.  Many printers have setting for half pages and double-sided sided printing or booklet printing, but some don't and all printer's are different in their settings to do this.

I apologize for the poor photos examples below of the free inserts.  I have printed mine on colored paper and decorated the edges with washi tape.

PDF: Self-Reflection & Confession/In the Last 24 Hrs, Did I?

Word Doc: Self-Reflection & Confession/In the Last 24 Hours, Did I?

I pray that you will find praying more intentionally blesses you as much as it has blessed those I am praying for and myself.

CLICK HERE: General Prayer for Family PDF

CLICK HERE: General Prayer for Family Word Doc

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bible Art Journaling: LEAVES: Job 14:7-9

Hello everyone!

I did this quick video a couple weeks ago but didn't get it posted here due to surgery I had.

I love the verses of Job 14:7-9.    This chapter is Job talking about how death comes to all men, trees that we think are dead can actually sprout new growth when the rain falls on them.

In Job's day, he was still waiting or the promises of the Messiah to be  fulfilled.   In our day, we have Christ, who has given us the promise of eternal life.  Death is not the end for us.  Life will sprout up in us again, through  Christ, much like the dead tree that sprouts when it is rained upon.    I just love that!

In addition to these verses, this was inspired by a song my nephew, Tanner Hotchkiss, wrote and sings.  This song and his album is available on iTunes and another site for android.

Please click here to be taking to the You Tube video where you can hear the song "Leaves" in it's entirety.

"Leaves" by Tanner Hotchkiss

Materials used:

Crossway ESV Single Column Journaling Bible

Liquitex Fluid Matte Medium

Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Brush pens


Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!


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