Thursday, March 24, 2016


This is SUPER LATE!  I had it saved to post but obviously forgot to finish and post it.  So here it is!  it is obviously a Christmas bible art journaling but it was fun using acrylic inks and salt.


Creative Prompt Feature Artist for His-kingdom-Come.Com

Oh, my poor, neglected blog!!

The only excuse I have for neglecting this blog is that I don't get on my computer much anymore, I am mostly on my tablet which won't cooperate with Blogger.  I need to commit to paying more attention!

The long, dark winter is almost over, the daylight is quickly returning and working it's way up to 24 hours per day of daylight.  It is soooo nice to have the daylight back!

So what have I been up to?  I have been doing a few Periscopes.  Some of them are bible/belief based and are basically on what I am learning as I seek a deep, personal and powerful relationship with Christ.  I am digging into the bible and prayer, as well as christian books, but the focus is truly learning for myself what the Bible/God/Holy Spirit have to say about things rather than just relying on what I heard from others.  I've asked myself, "Why do I believe what I believe"?   If the answer is because I heard someone say it or teach it, then I know I need to go to God's Word and find out for myself what He says.  God showed me that I can't base my faith or beliefs on what someone else says.  It must be based on what HE says.  If I don't read the bible, then I won't know if someone is teaching His word correctly.  I can't base my salvation, my faith, on other people.  That is a false foundation that will crumble quickly when trials and hard times come.  A solid foundation is built on the Word of God, directly from His Word, not the word of people.  Also, faith comes by hearing (reading) the Word of God for ourselves.  Teaching are very important, but they should not ever become more important than actually reading God's Word.

This has been life changing for me.  There just isn't anything that measures up to a personal relationship with Christ.  Nothing.  One of the most wonderful things I've learned is that God our father truly accepts us, all our ugliness and shameful things, and is so loving when we are totally honest and bring it all to him truthfully and honestly.  He isn't shocked, disgusted and He does not turn from us and reject us.  After all, He already knows all about it, it's US who doesn't want to face it.  But when we do face it in absolute honesty and bring it to Him, that is when He changes us, makes us aware of His forgiveness and also when we are falling back into that same ickiness so we can choose to stop - as the Word says - He gives us a way out of temptation.

Other wonderful news is my beloved hubby and I just celebrated our 17th Wedding Anniversary!  My husband is a true gift from God!

I have also had one of my bible art journalings published in an amazing Canadian scrapbooking magazine.  I will write of a post on this later.

I would like to invite you all to join group, which has free bible creative prompts, videos, devotions, art supplies, and lots of wonderful things.  It is a ning site but it is free. I am one many amazing guest Artists and will have a video on their site in June.  Hurray!  Check it out, it's a great group!  There is also a facebook group.

Happy Spring!