Sunday, June 7, 2015

Gazebo Master

My husband is the most creative person I know.  He is an artist and a builder.  

I knew he would like the show Treehouse Masters but I didn't know it would inspire him to rebuild my gazebo.  

It will be two stories. The top floor will be all enclosed. Mostly windows and a glass door. Maybe even a skylight.  It will have electricity and will be warm enough to be in during the cold autumn nights and cold  but sunny winter days.  Good for star gazing (we don't see the stars here in the summer, it doesn't get dark enough in my part of Alaska) and watching the northern lights.  

The support poles are up and being cemented in at this moment.  As soon as the top floor is built, the existing canopy and frame will come down and the floor will go up.  

My husband is the BEST! 

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