Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Are you confused by all the different art supplies used for bible journaling?
Are you frustrated by your results when art journaling and feel like giving up?

If so, then this video is for you!

I have been seeing some frustrations and repeated questions on the journaling bible facebook groups lately so I made a short video which will hopefully be helpful.

I had a lot of hit and misses when I first started bible journaling so I have found a few things that work and a few things that don't.  Also, as an artist before I started bible journaling, I already had the knowledge of what gessos and matte mediums are, as well as how different paints, pens, markers and other art mediums behave.

When I first took baby steps on my art journey, I was confused by all the different "stuff" out there and spent a lot of money on things that weren't necessary because I saw someone else using it in a video somewhere on line.

Now that I have some experience under my belt and know what I really needed and what isn't necessary, I hope to pass that along.  Just remember, you don't need everything that other people are using.  It isn't the art supplies that makes pretty art, it is how the supplies are used and the skill of the person using it. I truly believe everyone has artistic skills and talents, they just need practice!  It can't be developed unless it is exercised!

In this video you will find:
  1. What not to prep your page with and why
  2. What is ghosting?
  3. What is bleeding?
  4. Will ghosting cause problems if I make art on the other side of the page?
  5. Is there any way to stop ghosting?
  6. What exactly IS matte medium?
Tips - Part two will be coming soon, so please keep watching!

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT ART SUPPLIES OR BIBLE JOURNALING, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME!  I will answer your questions as best I can.  I don't have experience with EVERY art supply - I am not a "stamper" so I can't help with those questions :) 

Please don't give up bible journaling!  Chances are you just haven't yet found what works best for you.  Let's work together to make it more fulfilling for you!  

Thank you and many blessing!  

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