Monday, July 20, 2015

FB: One Year Ago, Today and Other Things

I really like Facebook's "One year Ago, Today".  Sometimes, that "one year ago" seems like yesterday, other times it seems like 10 years ago. :)

Just about one year ago today, I started pen and ink drawings. Mostly because I just wanted to sit outside in the warm sun and enjoy our short Alaska summers as much as possible, without dealing with a bunch of watercolor paints and other supplies.  

My nephew got married Saturday here on the farm and it was so much fun and perfect weather.  The fingerprint tree I made then turned out really great and is now a very special piece of art on their wall.  I didn't do the lettering because I'm not good at it. That is something I should work on!  The original idea was to cut them from vinyl but that didn't work out for some reason. But they found a brave soul who did it for them.  Lettering is a totally different ballgame than what I do and I have great admiration for those who can do it.  

Fortunately, the wedding was casual enough that my husband fit in with all the other Alaskan guys who wore their "formal" jeans, lol.

I will show the finished moose drawing in a later post, if I remember.  

Right now. I think I will grab my sketchbook and pen and head outside!  

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