Sunday, September 27, 2015

New Bible Art Video: Hebrews 7-8 Jesus Great High Priest

New video posted!  

It is stormy, rainy, windy and cloudy here in Alaska.   Winter is quickly approaching!  I'm not ready yet!

On the up side, the gazebo studio is now wired for electricity and my husband is insulating it as I type them.  Soon, it will be nice and cozy in there, yay!  

Thursday, September 24, 2015

New Video: Prayer Journal/Binder Set-Up & How I Use It

Hello everyone!

I had surgery two weeks ago and didn't do much while recovering, as you can tell from the lack of posting here.  It was painful at first and the pain meds made it difficult to focus, so I took a little break.  

I did make some cute DIY foiled journaling and scripture cards that I put in my prayer journal.  I posted photos of those cards on the Journaling Bible Community Facebook group page and was asked about my prayer journal, so I made a detailed video of it.  I tried to make it shorter but I felt that I was leaving out some important things that may be of help to someone so I just decided to go with it and stick with a long video. 

Here is an outline:

Reminder:  Keep it workable!  This is not to lead to condemnation or feelings of failure, however it is a commitment.  If you can only commit to praying like this a few times a week, that is better than nothing at all!  It does get easier with practice.  The hardest part is setting up the prayer binder to what best suits your needs.  


1)  Daily for 2.5 minutes minimum
*Praying in the Spirit

2) Daily and Rotating Subsections.   2.5 minute time frames.
*Self-reflection and confession - Daily review of past 24 hrs

Subsections, rotate one section per day, use paperclip to track which subsection to pray that day.
*My Life in Christ
*Health and Healing
*Emotions and Character
*Misc Prayer Requests

3) Immediate Family - Daily
* General Prayer for all family members, approximately 2.5 minutes:
   *true salvation
   *Wisdom and knowledge
   *Relying on God
   *Godly self-image
   *Character and intregity
   *Goals and dreams

  **Daily: Subsection for each family member listing specific prayer needs for that person.  No set time frame. 

4)  Daily.  2.5 minute time frame.
      *Dire Situations, illnesses and emergencies:  ongoing list of people need to be held up in prayer every day. 
        Paperclip stays on the tab for this section as a reminder to pray every day.  

Daily rotating Section:
Sections that I rotate praying for daily.  Paperclip used to track which section to pray for that day.  2.5 minute time frame
If there are immediate needs, those are listed in the Dire Situations section. 
*Family.     Extended family members. 
*Friends.   Including internet friends
*Church.   The body of Christ as a whole as well as local church, missionaries, etc. 
*City/State/USA/World.   Praying for elected officials, protection, first responders, as well as local and global crises.   

Finished!! :)

I have set up my prayer journal following how Kari 
Dee of  set her's up.  Check out her video:

I have also used idea's from 93 year old Ms. Edith. 
Here is the link to Ms. Edith explaining her prayer binder:

As mentioned in the beginning of the video, here is the link to make your own shiny foiled journaling cards by CreativeKelly4rmCali:

I hope this helps or inspires you to try your own prayer journal/binder!  :)

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